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10 e-Books for $20 - Trading Sync

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Learn how to trade and invest with this epic collection of finance, trading, and psychology books. After reading them you'll be able to decipher, and unlock any chart. You will learn how, when, and where to trade, invest, or save your money. 

This 10 Book bundle includes,
"Millennial Personal Finance"
What You Should Have Learned About Finance. 

How to Make Money with Candlestick Charting Right Now. 

"Chart Patterns"
A Beginners Guide to Chart Reading Like an Expert. 

"Advanced Chart Patterns"
The Art of Trading with Harmonics and Advanced Patterns.

"The Keys to Success"
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Motivate and Inspire. 

"10 Rules of Successful Trading" 
The Ultimate Guide to Winning In The Markets. 

"Success Hack"
The Psychology and Traits of Success. 

"25 Trading Tips"
Everything We Wish We Knew Before Trading. 

"Trading Templates"
Worksheets, Guides, and Plans, to Organize, and Improve Your Trading. 

"Forex SuperStar"

(Retail Value of $50+) 

All For Just $19.95.
This is enough content to keep you busy for quite a while, but just the right amount to keep you engaged and informed. Your future self can't afford you not taking this step in your financial and investing education. Gain skills and techniques that will pay off ten fold. With these books you have everything you need to become a day trader, swing trader, or trend trader in forex, penny stocks, small cap stocks, etf's, futures, or options trading. You'll also happen to retire sooner, richer, and wiser. 
Since you're buying them all together, I naturally cut the price in half as a thank you. 
For now, only $19.95. 
100% Money Back Guarantee. 
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So to review: 
You will be able to decipher charts like the back of your hand. 
You'll have the skills and knowledge to succeed in any market.
Your financial future will be secured, and systematically built.

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