Exclusive Trading Sync Book Bundle

May 01, 2016 Brian Wieners

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This 9 eBook bundle includes,
"Millennial Personal Finance" Best Seller ($9.99)
"Trading Templates" ($9.99) (9 PDF's)
"Candlesticks" Best Seller ($4.99)
"Chart Patterns"  ($4.99)
"Advanced Chart Patterns"   ($9.99)
"25 Tradings Tips"  ($2.99)
"The Keys to Success" Best Seller ($2.99)
"10 Rules of Successful Trading"  (5,000+ Downloads)
"Success Hack"   ($2.99)
    In this bundle, 50% off retail value.
    9 Ebooks for just $24.95.
    This is enough content to keep you busy for quite a while, but just the right amount to keep you engaged and informed. Your future self can't afford you not taking this step in your financial and investing education. Gain skills and techniques that will pay off ten fold. With these books you will have everything you need to become a day trader, swing trader, or trend trader in forex, stocks, futures, or options trading.
    You'll also happen to retire sooner, richer, and wiser.
    For a limited time, $24.95.
    Act now this is for a limited time only.
    You won't find an offer with this much value anywhere else guaranteed.
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