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October 14, 2015 Brian Wieners


This post was inspired by one of our own books "The Keys to Success", anything you get from this blog post is exactly like the content within one of our best selling books.

Success has many meanings, and likely a very different definition to every person. It is merely a word, yet it holds so much power and elusiveness. The description I like the most is the accomplishment of a purpose or aim. What your definition of the word success may be, could be the total opposite to someone else. Many people, traders in particular, want to achieve success more than anything, they would work 80 hours a week, and give up many things others would never consider giving up. Yet sadly they have no idea what there own idea of success is. They work towards nothing, no idea what it is they want, or really what they should be doing. 

So please take a moment, only a minute of your time, and write out a few sentences about what success is to you. Take your time and really think before you start writing. Please write now and then come back and continue.

Once you have a genuine idea of what success is to you, I want you to visualize what you look and act like at this point of success. Every feature of yourself, how you treat others, where you work, what you do? Try to write out every single thing you can. 

Now that you have a solid idea of what you will look and act like as a success, consider yourself right now, are you doing any of the things you want to be? Usually when people do this exercise they're actually acting like and doing the complete opposite of what they believe being successful is. Sometimes the realization of this fact can be the deciding factor in forcing yourself to start doing the things you don't necessarily want to do, but need to do in order to become successful.

Next, write out 3 things you need to start doing everyday in order to find success. Mine are to write a blog post, 3,000 words in one of my e-books, and to workout for 30 minutes. These things should be way out of your comfort zone, but necessary for achieving success. It can be anything you want. However it must be something you don't want to do. It shouldn't be watching Netflix, or doing a crossword. It should be something like homework, meditating, or reviewing your finances, investments, and trades. If you cannot do this, success will continue to elude you. Once you consistently are doing 3 things a day out of your comfort zone make it 4, then 5, and so on.

And yes, this works, I still do it to this day. Don't believe me? Try it.

Lastly, as we said from the start becoming successful is a completion of a purpose or aim, this is also known as a goal. So what is your main goal?

Write it out, then underneath it make 5 smaller goals you need to accomplish in order to complete the main goal. Then you can break those 5 smaller goals into 5 even smaller goals for each one. This has been the savior of my business and perhaps my life. I ask you to please consider using this technique.

If you enjoyed this post it was inspired to be written by one of our own books.

"The Keys to Success",

Anything you get from this blog post is exactly like the content within it.

We hope you find nothing but success and accomplish your purpose.

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