7 Signs of a Trader.

October 13, 2015 Brian Wieners

There are many ways to tell if someone is meant to become successful in the financial markets. These are the 7 signs of someone who might be destined to make it big through trading. Will it be you?

1. You want to be an entrepreneur, but don't have the resources or skills to start a normal business.

I find that a majority of people that become successful through trading have an entrepreneur mindset. They treat their trading, investments, and their every day lives like a business. Often times they even have a business, if not multiple. Entrepreneur mindsets work very well for traders because when you are trading it's just you and the market. You are on your own, you don't have a boss to tell you what to do or not to do, you don't have co workers to deal with and ask for help. This can be a very relieving and desirable thing to have in ones life. However, you must be willing to take on the extra work. If you treat your every day life like a business, you are destined to become a great trader.

2. You love a challenge and get bored without one.

There's no way around this. if you don't enjoy a good challenge, the markets are not the place for you. Trading and investing is hard, it takes years to find true success, as anything does, and if you're not prepared to meet challenges you will give up at the first failure you have. It is extremely important that you understand that trading is in no way easy, no matter how easy it may seem. It take's tons of education and experience and the sooner you get started the better. If you like to solve problems, improve upon yourself, and love the satisfaction of accomplishing something worthwhile, the markets are the perfect place for you, welcome.

3. You are passionate and enthralled by your work.

When you first start trading you may think that it's something you may do every once in a while to make some extra cash. That is until you see the results. Please be warned that you may become obsessed with trading because it is so incredibly fun and thrilling. It may become your new hobby, or it may even become your life or career. I don't want this to come off as it being an addiction, but for many it can feel like one. It is exciting and heart pounding and often times you may feel like you get a high from a winning trade, along with some extra cash. If you are passionate and become completely involved with what you do, you're going to do just great.

4. You like excitement, pressure, and the thrill of making money on your own.

If you enjoy pressure, deadlines, and the thrill of accomplishing something that many never can, you are a natural born trader. This is a sector filled with racing prices, bulls, bears, and where dreams can come true or crash and burn. Someone who is naturally more prone to risk and pressure will fare far better than most people. However, if you are scared by your own shadow, can't imagine risking more than a few dollars, or just are plain old boring, then I simply cannot recommend you become a trader. You will get scared and you will lose money. But, if your a boss and can handle the pressure this is the place to be.

5. You have a deep desire to learn.

Traders are natural born learners, they need to learn. They need to constantly be absorbing information and learning new ways to do different things better. Much like programmers needing to know the latest codes and program languages. The markets are constantly changing, and so do you in order to keep up with them. If you spend your nights knee deep in books, reading articles, or watching educational videos, then you are destined to become a great trader. The best traders never stop learning and because of that they never stop earning. Even when they think they know everything, they continue to seek out new education, new mentors, and new ways to get the job done. On the other hand, if you haven't read a book since high school, you may not be happy with the amount of education and hard work necessary to achieve success. Have fun working at Mickey D's all your life!

6. You have a genuine purpose and reason.

This is perhaps the single defining difference between the winners and the losers. If you don't have a genuine reason to be here then please leave now. Making millions is not a reason. Fighting for and supporting your family is. When the going gets tough you want to have something to keep you going. Otherwise you will see how quickly you give up on your million dollar trader dream. It is truly disheartening to see people to expect to make millions over night by betting their life savings on a stock. They obviously then lose everything and blame the market, proceeding to give it a bad reputation. When in reality, they are idiots and never had the right mindset to start with. If you have something worth fighting for, can mange to educate yourself, and are willing to slowly but surely compound your wealth, you will make it. If you think you'll make a million over night say goodbye to what you have.

7. You are stuck in a 9-5 with no real potential to move up.

I've been here as most people probably are right now. Trading offers you a way out, no boss, no commute, no bullshit, no co-workers, no more bad pay, and nasty co workers. The beauty of trading is that it can be done from anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and proper education.  The market doesn't discriminate against race, age, or religion. Literally anyone can make it here, but you must follow the rules of the game. If you believe you can make a better life for yourself, you will. If you are totally stuck, trading and investing is the answer to your prayers. Start learning with us today and become a trader.

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